Small business PPC services

Hi, I’m Thomas Hinz. I help small businesses reach new customers through online ads.


✔ No unnecessary jargon
✔ Guaranteed results
✔ Friendly approach

Want more exposure for your business?

Your target audience needs to know about your amazing business, help them find you through online ads.


65% of people click on ads when converting on a website, meaning your target audience is happy to find out about your business through paid ads. 


Paid ads allow you to reach more people, build relationships, and generate sales. Online ads don’t cost the world – after setting a budget and optimising, the return on investment leads to large growth.

Whats included?

Campaign Setup

Creating accounts, building account structure, and identifying audiences.

Ad Creation

Generating persuasive ads to deliver to your target audience.

Tracking setup

An ongoing usable tracking method to identify ads that perform well vs those that don’t.

Ad Optimisation

Regular ad pruning to ensure the campaign is continually performing better. 

Performance Tracking

A monthly report to track the success of the campaign.

A pricing plan that works for you

With so many other businesses running online ads, now is exactly the right time to invest in paid advertising.


Online ads are always an option no matter your budget, with a simple approach to managing your ad campaign together we’ll build an affordable  package that works for you.

A little bit about me

With over 7 years experience in PPC I know exactly how to help businesses grow through online ads. Most of my clients are passionate small teams and individuals, I find being able to have a big impact on their businesses the most enjoyable part of my work as a Digital Marketing Consultant. 


When working with my clients I follow a few basic principles to make the process enjoyable and valuable. I believe in a friendly approach to online ads, spending time to understand what makes your business special and your passion for it.


I also understand that sometimes online ads can become technical and needs a simplified approach, I always try to keep the jargon to a minimum when talking through a project so your always aware of the project progress.

Need help with your digital marketing project?