Small business social media consultant

Hi, I’m Thomas Hinz. I help small businesses build a following on social media.


✔ No unnecessary jargon
✔ Guaranteed results
✔ Friendly approach

Want to build a social media following?

Your past clients and customers become advocates for your business, help them spread your message easily on social. 


54% of people use social media to research businesses and products, meaning there’s a huge opportunity to build trust with your audience. 


Engaging Social Media results in more audience reach, deeper brand affinity, and more referrals. Small businesses investing in social media tend to find their return on investment lead to huge growth.

Whats included?

Social Audit

A thorough analysis of all your social channels to gauge opportunities.

Content Review

A review of all recent content to identify what hits with your target audience.

Social Strategy

A fully developed social strategy to help meet your marketing and business objectives.

Performance Tracking

A monthly report to track the effectiveness of the strategy.

A pricing plan that works for you

With other businesses constantly building their social following – now is exactly the right time to invest in social.


This might feel like a big commitment, which is why together we’ll build an affordable social package that suits your budget.

A little bit about me

With over 7 years experience in social media strategy I know exactly how to help businesses build a loyal following. 


Most of my clients are passionate small teams and individuals, I find being able to have a big impact on their businesses the most enjoyable part of my work as a Digital Marketing Consultant. 


When working with my clients I follow a few basic principles to make the process enjoyable and valuable. I believe in a friendly approach to social media, spending time to understand what makes your business special and your passion for it. 


I also understand that sometimes digital marketing can become technical and needs a simplified approach, I always try to keep the jargon to a minimum when talking through a project so your always aware of the project progress.

Need help with your digital marketing project?